Sleeping gods

You and your fellow crewmates have found yourselves in a strange new world. Survive and you'll return home.

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Will you awaken the gods?

It’s 1929. You are Captain Sofi Odessa and her crew lost at sea in a strange world.

Aboard the steamship Manticore, you must work together to survive by exploring mysterious islands, battling creatures, and meeting the world’s inhabitants. Along the way, seek out the totems of the gods.

Wake the gods and perhaps you’ll be able to return home.







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Explore the massive open world with a game atlas of connecting maps (26 pages in total) as you level up your crew members over a 10-20 hour campaign.

Cooperative play allows players to jump in or out with ease, and the flexible game system allows you to stop and save your game at any time.

Fight ferocious beasts with a unique diceless combat system that rewards good planning.

Story decisions have deep and lasting consequences. A village might burn to the ground because you want to protect your crew. A desperate captain might seek revenge when you can’t help rescue his wife. The game includes hundreds of quests, each with multiple outcomes.

Complete multiple campaigns to fully explore and unlock the secrets and hidden treasures of Sleeping Gods. Its accompanying novel-length storybook is filled with danger, discovery, and intrigue.

Note: Standard Game does not include metal coins, but are available as a premium add-on.

What will you discover next?

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Expansions and accessories

Add onto the base game with these items.

Tides of ruin


Expands the world with a second atlas, accompanying storybook, new adventure cards, enemies, events, and more.

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