Sleeping gods: Distant Skies

You've flown through a portal to a strange world and must find a way home to San Francisco.

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Return to the Wandering World in 1937!

It’s 1937. Explore a massive, open world in a game atlas of connecting maps.

Encounter deadly monster, mysterious characters, lost ruins, and mystical treasures in a storybook filled with multiple choices and endings.








  • Level up your characters over a 15 hour campaign.
  • Cooperative, flexible play lets players jump in or out with ease and stop and save the game at any time.
  • Fight ferocious beasts in a deck-building combat system that rewards good planning. 13 bosses provide an even greater challenge!
  • New wandering encounters let all players explore simultaneously.
  • Fly your plane between atlas pages and to distant locations outside of the atlas.
  • Includes an intro comic book to get you playing fast!
  • Unlock secrets and discover hidden treasures in a world so large it will take you multiple campaigns to explore.
  • No need to have played the original game.