Forteller Narration

We’ve once again partnered with Forteller Games to present a full audio narration of Near and Far. Now along with this incredible game, you can enjoy effects, voice actors, and music. Experience Near and Far in an entirely new way!

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Near and Far is the second game in the Arzium Storybook Series, which includes: Above and Below and our upcoming game: Now or Never.

Search for the Last Ruin, a city that contains an artifact that will grant the greatest of desires. A lost love, redemption, acceptance, a family rejoined– these are the fires that might fuel your journey. Can you overcome your greed and inner demons on the way? Answer the call of the ruins and begin your journey.

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Now or never

Monsters from a crystal meteorite have scattered your people. Rebuild the village and guide your people home.


We expect to ship this game Q4 2021, but worldwide shipping delays may cause this date to change.


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Sleeping Gods
Find your way home in a massive open world.
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Now or Never
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Above and Below releases July 2021
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