Now or never

Monsters from a crystal meteorite have scattered your people. Rebuild the village and guide your people home.

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Will you rebuild your village?

Hundreds of years have passed since the events of Near and Far.

Strange monsters from a crystal meteorite have forced your people to scatter on a 20-year exile. Now it’s up to you to best rebuild your village and return your people home. 

Rebuild your village. Save what remains of your people.







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Now or Never is the third game in the Arzium Storybook Series, which includes: Above and Below and Near and Far.

Compete to best rebuild your ancestral village and guide your people on their journey home. The creatures of the meteorite have lost much of their strength but many remain. Fight them off to protect traveling villagers.

Each of the four characters have asymmetrical abilities for engaging competitive strategy.

Rebuild the village so that returning villagers have a place to live. Carefully choose what and where to build to maintain an advantage, earning the biggest rewards for long-term planning.

Interact with other players by hiring their specialists to perform special actions. Combat dangerous creatures to rescue villagers. Explore a fantasy landscape filled with bizarre places, technology, and people. Journey to the Monument and help rebuild your ancient home!

Includes two modes of play: Standard and Story. When playing in story mode, read from a storybook as you explore, making choices and learning about the characters and world. Each character has their own story, plot and motivations — unique to the locations they explore.

What direction will your story take?

66 coin tokens

Spend-worthy illustrations.

4 hero boards

Thick cardboard. Unique artwork.

60 unique villagers

Unique artwork for each one.

wide game board

852x235mm. Underground map on back.

4 town boards

Thick cardboard. Double-sided.

8 order tokens

Thick cardboard.

22 specialists

Thick cardboard.

season board

Thick cardboard. Large size.

22 search tokens

Thick cardboard.

24 hero ability tokens

Thick cardboard.

21 gear tokens

Thick cardboard.

50 enemy tokens

15 Enemy types.

4 dice

Well balanced.

60 cards

Including a set for solo mode.

80 Buildings

4 Sets of 20

60 wooden pieces

Including screen printed artwork.

And more!

Storybooks, Airship Standee, Hero Standees, Additional Villagers, Healer Tokens, Reputation Tokens, Right Tokens, Plastic Stands.

Documentary Film

Now or Never is the subject of a documentary: Crafting Arzium by Zoom Out Media. Check it out for behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and much more on how we make games!

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