Frequently asked questions

Sleeping Gods | Now or Never

When will Now or Never ship?

Now or Never will be shipping to most regions in January 2022. If you received a shipping notification or if your order is marked as "fulfilled" in the shop app, that was an error in our new shipping software. When your package is shipped you should receive tracking information through email directly from our shipping partner in your region, not from our online store.

Where can I get Sleeping Gods? / When will Sleeping Gods be Available?

Where can I get Sleeping Gods? / When will Sleeping Gods be Available? The new print run of Sleeping Gods is currently out there in stores worldwide. This print-run didn't quite cover demand, so it may not be available in every store, but if you see it somewhere, don't hesitate to pick it up! It is unlikely that we will have any copies available for direct sale on our website. We will be working on a third print run which likely won't be available until late 2022 at the earliest.

Is this preorder EU/UK/CA/AU-friendly?

We are using fulfillment centers around the world to keep shipping prices as low as possible and so that EU/UK/CA/AU customers won't be charged import fees upon fulfillment. However, an update to the enforcement of VAT laws is requiring us to charge VAT for UK/EU orders at the point of sale. You will see your final price at checkout before you confirm payment.

Can I include add-ons? How many copies can I order?

For US shipping, you can purchase other Red Raven products, but these will be shipped separately, within two weeks of purchase. Now or Never/Sleeping Gods will ship later this year, likely in October or November. For INTERNATIONAL shipping, we can only offer Now or Never & Sleeping Gods. You may only order a total of 4 copies (split however you like, for example 3 copies of Now or Never, 1 copy of Sleeping Gods). We are unable to offer add-ons at this time.

How many copies of Now or Never/Sleeping Gods may I preorder?

You may preorder a total of 4 copies, split between the two games.

What version of Sleeping Gods is available for preorder?

The version available for preorder is the standard, retail edition of the game (not the Kickstarter version).

Can I also order the Sleeping Gods expansions?

We are unable to offer the Sleeping Gods expansions for this preorder. We will likely make them available in the future for preorder on our website.

I'm interested in licensing these games to sell in a different country.

Contact to inquire about licensing.