Deep Vents

Build a thriving ecosystem and compete to survive in the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean!

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Build the perfect ecosystem.

Even in the deepest cold abyss of the ocean, there is life.

Extremophiles and other creatures survive by staying close to superheated rising from deep-sea hydrothermal vents. They form unique ecosystems and diverse food chains unique to each.

The only way to survive is by being efficient or preying on other systems.







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Build a thriving ecosystem and compete to survive in the deep ocean!

Combine tiles with special powers to create a unique ecosystem, with hundreds of possible combinations.

Along cracks in the ocean floor plumes of black and white superheated water pump relentlessly into the depths. They provide precious heat to the near-freezing abyssal waters of the deep as well as a bounty of minerals.

Microscopic Archaea and other extremophiles live off the heat and minerals to form the base of a unique food chain that hosts a variety of exotic deep-sea creatures.

Control your hydrothermal ecosystem by adding new life and geological features each turn, competing to survive in the unforgiving depths by being efficient and preying on nearby systems with a host of strange and deadly predators.

Will your ecosystem survive?

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