the Ancient World

Fight rampaging titans and build powerful civilizations in an ancient, mythological world of tribes and city-states​.

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A stand must be made.

Enormous titans terrorize a forgotten ancient land.

Five tribes have been fleeing for centuries, but no longer. Growing city-states have pledged to end the reign of terror and make the world a safer place. Now, each competes to attract the tribes to grow their strength.

Perhaps the titans can be defeated once and for all?







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Compete to grow the largest and most influential city-state by managing citizens, treasury, and military and by defeating titans. Players take turns sending citizens to take special actions or using military cards to attack titans. One of the actions a citizen can perform is to build Empire cards, which give more citizens, money, and abilities.

A city-state’s influence in the world is measured by sets of tribe banners that it owns. Each Empire card has one or more tribe banners, and tribe banners can also be gained by defeating titans. Players gain victory points (VPs) for sets of tribe banners. After six rounds, the player with the most VPs from sets of tribe banners wins.

The second edition features:

  • Numbered, limited edition boxes
  • Designer’s signature printed in metallic ink
  • Revised and new titans
  • Larger, revised player boards
  • Expanded gameplay, including a new resource: AMBROSIA
  • Titans now attack YOU!
  • Updated district and empire cards

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