Red Raven

Like so many in the industry, Ryan and Malorie Laukat started Red Raven Games in their basement. While Ryan worked a day job and Malorie was at home with two babies, they spent every spare minute playtesting, Kickstarting, and manufacturing Ryan’s designs. A few short years and thousands of flat rate packages later, Red Raven Games has published over a dozen titles in over 20 languages. Though only two people work at Red Raven full time, we rely on the excellent work of a small, devoted team of contributors to publish fun, beautiful games for all types of gamers.

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Ryan Laukat

The designer and illustrator of Sleeping Gods, Above and Below, Near and Far, Empires of the Void, Roam, Eight-Minute Empire, and more. He started designing, illustrating, and writing for games at thirteen, and it has been a passion ever since. His games have won multiple awards and have been published in over twenty languages. In his free time, Ryan loves watching old fantasy movies with handmade special effects, spending time with his kids, and exploring the nearby mountains.

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Malorie Laukat

The developer, writer, and wearer of many hats at Red Raven Games. She spends hours playtesting, developing, and brainstorming each game. Malorie is head-editor at Red Raven Games and has written extensively in the Sleeping Gods, Above and Below, and Near and Far storybooks. Malorie also writes and performs music for Red Raven Games, including the soundtrack for Sleeping Gods. She and Ryan are both stay-at-home parents, so when they’re not busy running the company, they’re running zone defense on their three children.

Brenna Asplund

A graduate magna cum laude from The University of Utah with an Honors BA in English. She’s been published in The CanticleUtah Sings: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, and Brenna is excited to be part of the Red Raven Games Team, focusing on PR, writing, editing, conventions, and shipping.

Brenna grew up in Utah and currently lives in Salt Lake City with her brother, her sister, and their cat. In her free time, Brenna loves to read and write speculative fiction. She also has an interest in computer game design. Her previous game design projects can be found at

T. Alex Davis

A long-time developer at Red Raven Games, Alex has contributed to Eight-Minute Empire, Eight-Minute Empire: Legends, The Ancient World, Sleeping Gods, and more. Alex designed many of the dungeons in Sleeping Gods: Dungeons and has designed a new, upcoming title that will be published by Red Raven. Alex also designed the Sky Islands expansion for Small World, published by Days of Wonder.

Michael “Mischa” Harris

Mischa works with publishing partners around the world to orchestrate international licensing and localization projects for Red Raven Games. He has licensed Red Raven titles in 14 foreign languages. Besides English, Mischa speaks German and Serbo-Croatian. In addition to board games, he enjoys travel, hiking, pickleball, tropical fish, and singing in his community choir.

David Bock

David is a full-time creative in the tabletop games industry. He lives in Chicago with his family. He works as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer at Red Raven Games. He and his wife, Cathy Bock, also provide creative support and graphic design for board game publishers as The Game Bocks ( Beyond this, he is working towards self publishing his own games ( In his free moments, he can be found watching anime or playing Minecraft with his son. He met his wife at Purdue while getting his degrees in Visual Communication and Creative Writing. 

Cathy Bock

Cat is a full-time writer working in the tabletop games industry. She lives in Chicago with her husband, their son, and an extensive collection of board games. She works as Product Photographer and assists with Social Media at Red Raven Games. She also works full-time for Incredible Dream Studios as a Story Editor and Writer. When time allows she works with her husband at The Game Bocks providing product photography and is the Lead Writer, Social Media Manager, and CFO for Binxadinx Games. Originally from Indiana, she received her degrees from Purdue in Visual Communication and Creative Writing. Cat fills her time with backpacking, writing short fiction, and reading from the dangerously tall tower of books on her bedside table. She volunteers as a reader for Atticus Review and Quarterly West.