Empires of the Void: Key to the Universe

On every inhabited world in the known galaxy, the Tolmek appeared, a race of pan-dimensional beings of immense power. Everywhere their message was the same: “We are dying and must choose a successor.” The Tolmek are the keepers of the Key to the Universe, a powerful artifact that holds the secrets of their power. They will give this Key to the race that proves themselves most capable and worthy.

The Tolmek are watching. Will you inherit the Key to the Universe?

What is Empires of the Void: Key to the Universe?
A small expansion for Empires of the Void.

What’s new or different about it?
Key to the Universe is designed to make Empires of the Void more fun and balanced. Players now have a fourth action each round that can be used to perform new actions. One of the new actions is called Enslave, which increases the income of conquered planets. Also included are technology boards, which replace tech tokens and have a number of new technologies that open up new paths to victory. There are four additional alien races that players can choose from. Key to the Universe also has a new, revised rulebook for Empires of the Void that makes the game easier to learn and more clearly explains how to play.

Where is it available and what does it cost?
Key to the Universe is available as a downloadable, print-and-play expansion and it is free! It is currently in beta testing and anyone can download the files and play. Here are the files:

keytotheuniverse_rules_v1     keytotheuniverse_secondaryboards    keytotheuniverse_objboard     keytotheuniverse_techboardv2

I don’t like cutting things out. Is this going to be a lot of work?
Assembly is easy. The expansion includes only 7 required sheets to print, and each sheet consists of one or two large player boards, so there isn’t a lot of cutting. The game also includes a new, 20 pg. rulebook that you can print (with white backgrounds for easy printing), or you can choose to read it on your computer/iPad/electronic device. There are also four new races that are optional to print.

I haven’t played Empires of the Void yet. Should I play the base game before adding this expansion?
You should play your first game of Empires of the Void with this expansion. Key to the Universe was designed to help new players. Use the new, revised rulebook included with this expansion. The added rules are simple and will not make the game harder to learn.

I already know how to play Empires of the Void.
Included in the rules is a section especially for you. It only explains the changes from the base game.